The Grundfos Collection a huge success


When the collection closed on 8 February at 11 am CET, Grundfos staff had succeeded in collecting DKK 375,288 (€ 49,700) for the relief work in Haiti. This amount is doubled by the Grundfos Group, which means the total amount donated is app. DKK 750,000 ( € 100,000 ).

Danish Red Cross is very impressed by Grundfos staff's willingness to support the relief work in earthquake hit Haiti. The money has already made a huge difference for the needy.

According to Danish Red Cross Secretary General , Anders Ladekarl, the donations are making an invaluable difference to those hit by the earthquake in Haiti:

"Money is right now being used for securing Haitians access to basic requirements such as water, food and medicine. Therefore the many donations from Grundfos staff are an incredibly important contribution which will help a large number of needy."

The majority of the donations were made by payment cards through Danish Red Cross' homepage but some companies made their own local collections. In some companies collecting boxes were placed on selected locations and in other companies staff made donations through their wages. The total amount of these donations have been transferred to the general Grundfos Collection and so they are part of the total donation which will be doubled by the Grundfos Group.