SMART Digital diaphragm dosing pumps

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Adressing all dosing system challenges

With a SMART Digital diaphragm dosing pump, you do not need to install third-party bleed valves or manually vent your system when dosing sodium hypochlorite or other degassing chemicals; the pump’s automatic degassing features handle this for you. With a SMART Digital pump, you don’t need to purchase expensive external flow meters; the pump can measure the dosing flow. If a valve is clogged somewhere, or the flow is too high, the pump detects this and notifies you. And it can do so in more than 28 languages on the easy-to-read user interface.

Chemical dosing poses many challenges, but the SMART Digital range has been designed to solve them so you can reach your performance targets. The pump range handles flow rates up to 200 litres per hour and output pressure ratings up to 16 bar. No matter if you handle wastewater treatment at a municipal wastewater plant or add coagulants in complex industrial manufacturing processes, you need maximum uptime and minimal operating costs, and you need process safety, especially with hazardous chemicals. The SMART Digital range can help you achieve all of this, and more.

Key benefits:

  • Accuracy: Industry-leading accuracy confirmed by independent study
  • Durability: Diaphragm resistant to virtually all chemicals; pump housing IP65/NEMA4X certified
  • Reliability: Industry-leading service intervals
  • No vapour lock: Deaeration features enable continuous dosing of degassing chemicals
  • High viscosity dosing: Handles liquids with viscosities up to 3000 mPas
  • Watching your system: Advanced monitoring and self-analysis features
  • Any application, anywhere: Any supply voltage, flexible mounting options, and a wide selection of accessories and service kits
  • Easy to operate: Intuitive user interface and easy set-up

Visit the SMART Digital product page for full details and case studies.


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Get the facts on the SMART Digital XL

How does the SMART Digital XL DDA-FCM make an external flow meter superfluous? And what are the advantages of diaphragm dosing technology compared to peristaltic dosing pumps?

Get the answers, and much more, in our FREE technical article on the SMART Digital XL pumps.


SMART Digital pumps are solving everyday dosing challenges for customers in many different industries

Chocotech needed flexibility in production and easier spare parts management. The water treatment plant at Heppenheim, Germany, needed dependable flocculant dosing. The SMART Digital series delivered. Read the case stories below to get first-hand accounts from two satisfied users.

CASE: Chocotech

Case: DDA-FCM gives candy maker new flexibility

"There are many changing parameters around the colour-flavour-acid additives. You must meter them consistently and accurately. You can't manually add them," says Martin McDermott, Director of Sales & Marketing at Chocotech. For years, Chocotech has relied on the SMART Digital S DDA-FCM to handle changing production requirements. And it has proven to be a recipe for success.


CASE: Heppenheim

Case: User-friendly solution provides cost-effective phosphate removal at German WWTP

The Stadtwerke Heppenheim WWTP needed to save on operating costs. With a new phosphate dosing station equipped with Grundfos SMART Digital XL DDA pumps, the company achieved cost-effective dosing in a user-friendly solution. “We like the easy operation of the SMART Digital XL and the possibility to integrate fieldbus options”, says Oliver Schranz, Electrical Department Manager.


How does Grundfos build and test the SMART Digital range, and what are the most important pump features?

Watch the videos below for a tour of the SMART Digital factory, a look at the inner workings of a SMART Digital pump, and a short introduction of some of the features that can make a difference in your dosing setup.

Video: Built-in quality

State of the art, computer-aided manual assembly. Careful individual testing. Watch this film to see why quality is built into every single SMART Digital pump.

Animated video: Key SMART Digital features

How does the dosing mechanism in a SMART Digital pump work? And how does the pump bleed off vapours? Watch this animation sequence describing key SMART Digital features.

Video: Expert demonstrates key benefits

Business Development Manager Rainer Schmitz of Grundfos Germany demonstrates some key benefits of the SMART Digital range. Click here to watch the video.

Accurate stepper motor technology, full-PTFE diaphragm, universal power supply: Get the facts

Get all the facts about the SMART Digital range on the product page, and check out the independent study confirming the accuracy and precision of the SMART Digital DDA-FCM.

Visit product page


Visit the product page

The SMART Digital product page tells you everything you need to know about pump variants and features. And it shows you how users around the world are using these features to achieve accurate, safe, and dependable dosing in industry and water treatment applications.


Accuracy confirmed


Independent study confirms dosing accuracy

A 2013 study set out to investigate whether the SMART Digital was really as accurate as we claim. The conclusion was clear: the SMART Digital S DDA-FCM is far superior to conventional dosing pumps in terms of accuracy and precision.